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Mood bears

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7A56

The Mood Bears were originally created to support children and
adults who may struggle to understand or communicate their
emotions. The bears have grown to be so much more than this.

There are now 8 Bears in total, each one representing a different feeling, emotion, or mood: Happy, Sad, Silly, Nervous, Love, Hope, Calm and Angry Bear. 

The bears are all brightly coloured and are made of a soft
material making them perfect for children to recognise, associate with, and cuddle to help them express themselves. Children, and even adults, often don’t have the words to express how they feel, this is where the Mood Bears can help, not only can they provide comfort but they can also provide a means to communication.
Allowing children to select the bear that most represents how
they feel that day can show to others what they are going through.


United Kingdom


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