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AgriGrub is pioneering a sustainable solution to food waste in the UK using a remarkable insect called the Black Soldier Fly. 

We feed waste fruit and vegetables, that would otherwise end up in landfill, to the larvae of Black Soldier Flies. These grubs are naturally amazing at breaking this food down, and they also make a fantastic live food for birds, reptiles and hedgehogs. 

A side product of growing these larvae is something we call frass. It is made of the castings and skin casings of the larvae and makes a unique fertiliser and bio-repellant. Not only does it boost plant growth, but it also tricks the plant into activating its defences - putting off pests but not harming key pollinators. 

We are really proud to be a sustainable company making sustainable products. Our products are low carbon and cause no environmental damage or pollution - unlike alternate feeds and fertilisers.



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