Nuova Deroma UK Ltd

We are an Italian company that was started in 1955 in Malo, Northern Italy. From the very beginning we have combined the tradition of terracotta with the technological excellence typical of the area using the best local clay to produce the finest pots. Using passion and dedication has led us to become a leader in the terracotta industry. Everyday our factories make thousands of pots that are shipped worldwide to decorate the gardens and homes of our customers.


For almost 70 years we have worked with commitment and passion for continuous improvement. Paying great attention to our customers’ needs to stay ahead of the latest trends. We now strive to provide a large range of the best quality pots made of multiple materials as well as terracotta. This has made us a well-known producer and supplier of on trend colours and unique style pots distributed in more than 10,000 garden centres and retail outlets worldwide.


United Kingdom


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