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Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 19D60

Green Olive Firewood Co. was launched just over 10 years ago to evolve a commodity product into a lifestyle choice, offsetting fossil fuels by encouraging the use of renewables.  This has remained at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on the use of natural, ethical and sustainable materials.  Our initial pioneering product was Olive Firewood packed into biodegradable hessian sacks; the olive wood is a by-product of the olive growing industry which if left to rot would emit as much carbon as if used for cooking or heating.


United Kingdom



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  • INDY No.1 BBQ Charcoals

    20 May 2022 Dan McCarthy
    The team at Green Olive Firewood Co. are jumping with joy having recently been rated the Indy No1 for BBQ Charcoal 2022 by the Independent newspaper.  
  • Green Olive Firewood Co reinforce their commtiment to their natural, ethical and sustainable British brand values with their paper not plastic range.
  • British Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs sustainably packaged in kraft biodegradable bag as part of Green Olive's paper not plastic range
  • West Sussex Lumpwood crafted by us using British sustainable local hardwoods resulting in a high heat BBQ cooking charcoal adding natural wood smoked flavours.
  • Green Olive Firewood Co.

    22 Apr 2022 Dan McCarthy
    Green Olive Firewood Co. is an approved & assured manufacturer of superior home heating firewood and flavour-filled cooking woods and charcoals.  Our honest & homely branding is a proven preferred cho ...
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