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Salike Limited

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 7A50

The beginnings

We have been in the industry since 2006, and bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

In our early days, we were mainly supplying coir-based goods by the container-load to our customers around the world. While we continue to do this even today, working within this industry, we encountered an urgent gap, where we felt customers were being over-charged for some of the products they buy in smaller quantities.

This is where we come in.

We are committed to bringing to you the best products at the most affordable prices.

A pioneer

We pride ourselves in becoming the first company in the UK to offer such a wide and innovative range of coir-based products under one platform. We have the largest coir-based product portfolio in the UK. 

The coir-based products we supply are 100% biodegradable and natural, which means, these products have minimum harm on the environment.

We continue to update our products portfolio, making a variety of products easily available to anyone who needs them.

A service-oriented company

During our time in the industry, we learnt many valuable lessons, which continue to shape who we are as a company. We’ve seen how competitive this industry is. In business, we also know how easy it is to be driven by profit.

This is why, for us, what is important, is our customers.

What drives us is our passion for not just bringing the best products, but also giving you the best possible services we can. We are always at hand to answer your queries. This is what sets us apart from everyone else.


United Kingdom


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  • offers a unique & distinct range of coir bundles. We have over 30 popular sustainable coir bundes to choose from. Customise bundles can also be accomodated. 
  • CoirProducts growbags are ideal for growing a variety of plants & crops. Our growbags have been widely used in nurseries, greenhouses, & hydroponic growing under our own brands or private labelling. 
  • provides a diverse range of natural and biodegradable coir-based products under our own brands or under pribate labeling. 
  • Growbags

    01 May 2022
    These biodegradable growbags are ideal for growing a variety of crop, and are widely used for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries, among others.  
  • These biodegradable mulch mats (weed control mats) help protect essential elements of the soil. They are made out of natural coir fibre with layers of natural latex. We have over 10 sizes of these mat ...
  • Coir pots

    01 May 2022 Coir Pots are the perfect natural, biodegradable pot for your plants. Designed to prevent transplanting shock, they keep your plant roots healthy and strong. 
  • Coir potting mix

    01 May 2022 coir potting mix is a multi-purpose growing medium, a 100% natural and completely peat-free product for all growers. 
  • CoirCoins for sowing

    01 May 2022
    CoirCoins made of coir packed together tightly into pellets. They are 100% biodegradable and are ideal for sowing seeds or as a rooting medium for cuttings.
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