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The Magic Molecule Co

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 6G04

At The Magic Molecule Co. we lead the way in plant health research and development, manufacturing processes and field trials. We use the best quality natural ingredients to design effective biostimulants and other natural bioactives for long-term plant health.

Ready Steady Grow.. Our Innovative range of plant supplements are made with 100% naturally occuring ingrediants.

01 - Flowers and Shrubs - 02 Garden lawns - 03 Fruit & Vegetables (ORGANIC) & 04 Houseplants.

Helping to grow bigger flowers, Luxurious Lawns, Sweeter & tastier Fruit & Veg and happier houseplants. 

Our all natural plant supplements have been designed to help aid the uptake of nutrition and help your everyday gardener to reduce the usage of nitrogen based fertilisers & grow the natural way.



United Kingdom


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  • Our natural biostimulant is a specialist supplement developed by the same scientists who supply some of the world’s best plant growers. 01 Flowers + Shrubs is a concentrated formula to boost your plan ...
  • Our proven biostimulant is a lawn supplement developed by the same scientists who supply world famous golf courses and sports stadia. 02 Garden Lawns uses bioflavonoid technology to boost a plant’s lo ...
  • Our biostimulant is an organic concentrated formula made with 100% naturally occurring compounds. Our specialist supplement is developed by the same scientists who supply sustainable food producers ac ...
  • 04 Houseplants will boost the long-term health of your indoor plants, from succulents to spider plants. They’ll develop healthy leaves, beautiful flowers (if they’re a blooming plant of course). Stron ...
  • Natural plant boosting biostimulants for flowers & shrubs, garden lawns, fruit & vegetables and Houseplants.
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