Wildlife and Birdcare Nature Recovery Project CIC

Wildlife and Birdcare Nature Recovery Project CI: we are wildlife lovers building your garden friends a home. As a  UK Manufacturer, we build homes including hedgehog boxes, nesting boxes, owl boxes, bat boxes, small animal houses, tortoise runs, bee and bug and insect houses.  Own branded products are available, we drop-ship and offer fulfilment.  We are also a big big big seed ball manufacturer and we make seed balls to grow bee attracting wildflowers,  wildflowers for insects, wildflowers for bats, wildflowers for hedgehogs and wildflowers for butterflies.  


United Kingdom



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  • Why Choose Wildlife and Birdcare?

    23 Apr 2022 Sammy Holman
    Wildlife and Birdcare (CIC) is unique in its approach to providing work opportunities and employment for people with learning disabilities and those with diverse needs. Working in partnership with oth ...