Tumblebug Ltd

Hall: Hall 8-20 Stand: 6J68

Tumblebug Ltd look to the unsung recycling heroes of the natural world, dung beetles (more affectionately known as tumblebugs) for regenerative solutions for organic 'waste'.

Thousands of species of Tumblebugs are busy across 6 continents, recovering the goodness from animal manure. In nature, one species’ waste is another’s resource. The dung beetle recovers the nutrients and carbon, rotates them and in doing so regenerates the soil and reduces emissions of CO2.  

Tumblebug are learning from nature.  Our proprietary technology produces biochar based growing mediums, soil improvers and fertilisers. We can also remove your food waste overheads with our on site food waste processing equipment which turns food waste into soil improver or substrate for mushroom prodcution! We supply the means to grow your own mushrooms on site from your food waste. Whether you have food waste, wool, manure, green waste, digestate solids and liquids or arborist tree surgeon waste Tumblebug provide turn key bespoke revenue generating regernative solutions. We turn waste into assets. 


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  • Tumblebug Case Study

    31 May 2023 OXLEP
    Oxfordshire start up have been supported by their Local Enterprise Programme in Oxfordshire. An interview with Sylvie Verinder CEO explains their story and thanks OXLEP for their invaluable support. 
  • Tumblebug provide a turnkey solution for organic waste producers to manufacture their own Tumblebug growing medium.  The process creates value from organic materials, generates carbon offset removal c ...
  • Tumblebug Food Waste Drying Technology

    31 May 2023 Sylvie Verinder
    Tumblebug on site food waste bioprocessing drying technology and mushroom kits turn your cafe and restaurant food waste into assets. Grow oyster and shitake mushrooms and prodcue a wonderful mycellium ...
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