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Bloomin Amazing™ is the leading organic approved 100% peatfree mulch, easy feed and soil conditioner all in one from the renewable energy industry. Produced in the West Country, it has an effective sustainable carbon footprint and is a by-product from anaerobic digestion.

It is lightweight, clean and almost odourless – even though it has so many of the properties of real farmyard manure - so it’s ideal for the garden.

It’s entirely pet and family friendly, and very high in organic matter making it a perfect soil enricher and very effective weed suppressant.  It also deters slugs!

Mixed 50/50 with soil or MPC it provides the ideal media for growing anything except eracacious plants.

If you have soil, all you need is Bloomin Amazing™

With only green material in its make up, it is entirely organic and vegan friendly

We have only one product in only one 50 litre bag with a focus to save on wasted plastic, and being able to support any level of demand that can be delivered in the shortest of timelines.


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  • ALL IN ONE: Mulch/Weed Suppressant ~ Soil Conditioner ~ Nutrient Provider ~ Aid to Moisture Retention ~ Slug Deterrant
  • Prices on Application
  • We sustainably produce green gas, green CO₂, and a green soil enricher, whilst also displacing other inorganic imported fertilisers with a liquid fertiliser byproduct to grow all our crops.
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