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Based in Birmingham, at Wicker Home and Garden we truly do care about what our furniture is made of, and its impact on the planet. We are also aware that many of our customers feel the same. And this is why we use only sustainable materials for our handmade furniture. Cane is a natural material that is grown in abundance and can be easily recycled when you want to replace your current green garden furniture. 

Wicker is formed by weaving materials together to form stunning, strong and durable furniture and accessories. 

The weaving technique allows the item to be able to withstand the test of time and move around from room to room. Despite this, wicker is also airy and lightweight.

You will find that the type of materials often used for wicker includes naturally derived materials such as willow, rattan, bamboo and reeds like seagrass. 

Easy to care for 

As such, this eco-friendly handmade furniture doesn’t require a lot of care to keep in good condition. A dust and polish now and again with a soft cloth is fine. If there is a wine or coffee stain spilled on a wicker table or chair then a little detergent on the spot should do the trick. It doesn’t do any harm every couple of years to give the furniture or accessory a light coating with lacquer either. Although it’s perfect for garden furniture the wicker will gently fade if left in direct sunlight too long, but since it’s lightweight it’s so easy to move around and being a natural product, it looks great in an outdoor environment as well as indoors. 


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