14 - 16 September 2021
NEC Birmingham UK

Kristina Wing

Kristina Wing

My name's Kristina and I've been renovating property and their gardens for over a decade; from doing up unloved homes to old, derelict houses, I love the beauty of taking the old and creating it into something new, something for the future. 

I have often found myself being asked for advice on other projects, whether they're big or small and so it's from this (and encouragement from friends and family) that I have just launched The Good Life – where my passion for property, renovation and gardening meets advice for everyday people. I'll be sharing my experiences both past and present, as well as our current journey in renovating our 500-year old cottage.    

So, whether you're keen to get on the property ladder, you're on the first step, at the start of a project, after some inspiration or maybe just researching, I hope that by sharing my experiences and the lessons I've learnt along the way, I can offer that little bit of guidance and encouragement that we all need at times!

To keep up-to-date with all our news you can follow me in Instagram @Winglett_x or follow the blog at The Good Life.

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