15 - 17 September 2020
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Glee News

Glee News

  • Whilst grow your own is hardly a new trend, it is one that is really starting to gather stream, and added to this it's drawing in those all important millenial and younger gardeners that are so important to our sector... 
  • Old 70s stalwarts like Ficus (rubber plant) and Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) have been reborn in new, exciting variegated varieties and there are plants for every skill level; from a fascinated child to the fussiest orchid grower.

  • Why Grow Your Own

    06 Aug 2018

    Modern agriculture today produces more than enough food everyday for affordable prices. The majority of us take this service for granted, but have you ever thought about how this produce gets to your local supermarkets everyday?

  • In the town of Roskilde, about 35 kilometres west of Copenhagen, Smiemans Projecten will build a new garden centre for Hobbyland next to their existing building.

  • Two big things in my life are my daughters and my allotment, and I'm trying to find fun ways to get my girls down on the allotment and involved with what I'm doing.

  • A study of 1,000 UK pet owners* commissioned by raw and raw inspired pet food experts True Instinct has revealed that almost half (47%) of the nation class their dog as their best friend, over partners, siblings and human friends.

  • It's a simple fact, people love their pets, and incorporating this segment into your store can lead increasing customer spend and repeating footfall...
  • New life from broad beans
    Attracting birds with a constant food supple

  • Dobbies has announced the appointment of Graeme Jenkins as chief executive officer with immediate effect.

  • Situated next to Flint castle in the old historic town of Flint, their designs are influenced by the colours and serenity of the surrounding area. With local forests, nature preserves and the River Dee on their doorstep they have been inspired to create a fantastic diverse range of products.

  • Easy Gardening is a big part of  our big retail trend happy gardening and in their article we talk about the two types of customers to look our for and how to engage with them in order to drive footfall and then engage with them best in store...

  • The millennial garden

    25 Jul 2018

    Tech-obsessed millennials and horticulture skills might not be an obvious combination. However, there is a rising interest in gardening among the younger generation.