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Glee News

Glee News

  • In search of newness

    15 Jan 2018
    Disa Blackburn, Head of Buying for Home, Furniture and Gifts at Debenhams explains how they seek out new products to appeal to their customers.
  • A visual guide to companion planting 3rd Party CodeIf gardening can sometimes feel like a solitary activity, freeing yourself from anthropocentric ideas of ‘togetherness' and learning to hang out with ...
  • They have combined their experience and expertise to formulate foods that are nutritionally beneficial to wild animals and ensure that they do not contain any added sugar, colours, or artificial flavours.

  • The Happy Gardening theme – what is it, and how easy is it for garden retailers to incorporate this into store? And is it influenced by any wider trends? Happy Gardening is about showing everybody, ev ...
  • That's where gardening comes in. You don't have to travel, there's a range of activities to do and you have organic, healthy produce to eat at the end. It's a no-brainer.

  • The Glee team hit the road this December, heading to Baytree Garden Centre to check out what they have instore for their customers this festive season. Taking a closer look at why Baytree thinks Christmas is such an important time of the year for them.

  • The Glee Buyers' Show Review showcases some of the very best exhibitors from Glee 2018 as well as their latest and greatest products, and essential contact details.
  • It's a simple fact, people love their pets, and incorporating this segment into your store can lead increasing customer spend and repeating footfall...
  • Ultimately gardens are spaces that make us happy, and our big trend 'Happy Gardening' explores how the different elements of this theme relate to consumers and underpin all trends in our retail environments...

  • In increasingly volatile times, retail experts always say that consumers make spending decisions around “needs” and “wants”. So for retailers and buyers in the homewares, home improvement and gift sectors, where it is all about creating desire, the challenge is even greater.
  • La Tente Islaise is a linen alcove where simplicity and authenticity invigorate the art of nap time, the philosophy of quiet time, the nonchalance of free time for reading, or the pleasures of a family picnic.
  • PetMaxi are the first in the industry in Portugal to include fresh meat in their products, guaranteeing that the high biological value of its proteins remains intact until the pellets are served to your pet, so that they enjoy a diet that is more natural and tasty.