14 - 16 September 2021
NEC Birmingham UK

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  • The Buzz fly catcher

    25 Apr 2017
    STV is the UK's leading supplier of pest control products for home and garden use and is now listed in preference to other historical brands by many of Britain's best-known retailers.
  • How garden centres can create the right experience for a millennial customer
  • You can't ignore the internet if you want to sell more plants nowadays! Here are 3 tips to sell more plants by using the internet and if you want to learn more.
  • Garden Connect is the newest member of EFSA, the European association of innovative suppliers to the garden industry. Other EFSA members include Bolsius, Capi/Cadix, Edelman and Briers which are mostl ...
  • New life from broad beans Attracting birds with a constant food supple
  • The oldest and largest animal welfare charity in the country will be joining Glee this September.
  • Feel good simply comes down to the happiness you feel from being in a garden. That will mean different things to different people, but we believe that our feel good theme falls into two parts, what yo ...
  • Many avid gardeners visit Glee Birmingham and want to know how they can recreate or adapt the show displays for their home garden.
  • This Christmas Edition of the Fresh Inspiration showcases unique festive gift ideas from our exhibitors that will be showcasing at the Glee 2017 event.
  • As the doors close on Spring Fair 2018, the organisers of Glee's concession event - Glee at Spring Fair - are pleased to confirm that the event has struck a chord with Spring Fair visitors thanks to i ...
  • All working environments can be stressful and as business leaders we want to create surroundings which are helpful to our staff and colleagues alike. Stressful working conditions can reduce comfort le ...
  • The edible raised garden bed company has been invited to exhibit inside the famed Discovery Hall, showing how their innovative product is spreading the urban farming revolution to every type of househ ...