12 Mar 2018

5 Inspirational Trends for Christmas 2018

Have you seen the John Lewis Christmas advert yet? The extensive array of festive adverts on our screens are now synonymous with the start of the Christmas season, and we at Glee wanted to share with you the Christmas themes, colours and designs of 2018 festive season.

Across the board jewel colours, mofit prints, daring bling, coziness and natural texture appear to be the common trends across the board for Christmas 2018. See below for the sparkly details! Enjoy!

  1. Electric Gathering, Balanced Sobriety, Vivid Heritage and Splendid History are ChristmasWorld's Trend Cards for 2018. Electric Gathering is about combination: Extravagant, shimmering collage, mix materials and textures. Balanced Sobriety is focused on the harmony and perfection of the limited number of carefully selected materials. Light woods, matt brass and high-gloss black surfaces dominate. Vivid Heritage is globally eclectic with prominence of folklore patterns and motifs. Finally, Splendid History, resonates strongly with John Lewis Christmas inspiration, focusing on elaborate, ornate and opulent. Evoking Italian luxury and elegance.

Christmasworld Trendkarten

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  1. Amber & More -  John Lewis & Partners' are taking inspiration from Autumn, and felt the combination of the warmth and cosiness of the amber tones of this season, will bring alive an inviting feeling. But John Lewis didn't stop there, they have a total of 7 Christmas decorating themes, each representing different places on earth. Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Jet, Moonstone, Sapphire and Rainbow and Amber.


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  1. Mother Nature Meets Santa Claus says The Design Tourist, as natural materials and earthy motifs ground the tinsel, faux snow and bling, bling ornaments. Key colour trends venture beyond the traditional red and green, towards natural wood, plants and animal themes with blue and green surfacing as dominant colours.


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  1. Instagram Ready and a daring twist on tradition, says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. Boho, Neon Brights, Delectable Décor, Modern Farmhouse, Peace on Earth and unconventional place cards festive trends come for Etsy's recently released top searches and trends. Though traditional purchases of whites and metallic, this year's searches show consumers are looking for daring festive décor with a high Instagram-friendly factor.


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  1. Asymmetrical Holiday Wreaths, Personalisation, Christmas Tree collars for the base of the tree, upcycled products and products that blends rustic and festive with a modern twist have come out of the Pintrest Christmas Report, nicely named the 2018 holi-YAY report. Pinterest pinners are planners so watch this space.


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Written by Sindy Cain


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