25 Jun 2018

7 reasons to use the Vegepod stand

7 reasons to use the Vegepod stand

Vegepod stands and wheeled trolleys are a recent invention from the Vegepod team (see their blog 2017: Vegepod In Review for the other inventions they cooked up in 2017). But what exactly are the stands and trolleys good for? Why should you care or buy one for that matter? ;) They thought it was high time to discuss the stands features so you can decide what they're even good for! Here are the top 7 useful benefits you can get out of a Vegepod stand or wheeled trolley. 


1. At waist height 

Let's get the first and most obvious feature out of the way. Their stands mean the Vegepod is an elevated raised garden bed. Providing a height of 80 cm aka waist height, the stand is perfect for anyone who loves to garden but can't or doesn't want to bend down. Creating easily reachable gardening, the stands are great for the elderly, people in wheelchairs, and anyone else who has knee or back issues. Unlike traditional timber or corrugated iron raised garden beds, the Vegepod is not set in the ground, so it truly is an elevated garden bed.

2. A sun follower

There are so many things you can do with their wheeled trollies! Great for anyone who needs a bit of flexibility in their lives, the wheeled stands mean those who don't get a lot of sunlight at certain times of the day e.g. apartment dwellers, can just move the Vegepod from one side of their balcony to the other as the sun moves.


3. Hides from rain

Similarly, if there's too much rain going on during winter time, the wheeled stand means you can quickly take the Vegepod undercover and out of the rain. This is a surprisingly important task at times. Too much watering can be even worse than under-watering your plants and the Vegepod is so water efficient, you may find yourself needing to move it.

4. Parks conveniently

The lockable castor wheels of the wheeled stand mean it can be easily parked anywhere you choose. For those who don't have a lot of backyard space, they've even seen people parking their Vegepods down the sides of sloped driveways. Like they said, perfect for flexible living situations!


5. Moves easily

Speaking of living situations, easily wheel your Vegepod on the back of a moving truck when changing apartments or houses - no mess no fuss!

6. Extra storage

Again, if you're an apartment dweller, the Vegepod stand is perfect. Save space by using underneath the stand for extra storage. Put fertiliser, extra potting mix or really anything you fancy down there. Keep it economical or ‘minimalist' as they say.

7. They're sturdy

Their stands are made from galvanised powder-coated steel with stainless steel bolts - this means no rust and a strong, reliable elevation. The large stand can hold over 400kg!  

That's about it! The Vegepod wheeled trolley and raised bed garden stands are perfect for those who need a bit of flexibility. The wheeled trolley lets you move the Pod around, while the stand creates an elevated garden bed with storage space underneath. If you want a closer look at their stands or wheeled trolleys, see their shop for more details.

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