08 Feb 2018

A dog REALLY is a man's best friend

A dog REALLY is a man's best friend

Dogs are really a man and woman's best friend, according to research released today to celebrate World Friendship Day.

A study of 1,000 UK pet owners* commissioned by raw and raw inspired pet food experts True Instinct has revealed that almost half (47%) of the nation class their dog as their best friend, over partners, siblings and human friends.

In fact, 64% of people have actively seen their beloved dog form a special friendship with them and a further 33% have seen their pooch form a bond with another human being – showing that dogs really do love us humans, as much as we love them.

The top trait in our furry best friends is that they are always happy to see us (31%), followed by the fact that they are fun to be around (18%). A dogs' dependability was also cited as one of their top characteristics (17%), as well as them being good listeners (13%) and that they don't judge their owners.

The survey also revealed the nation's favourite activities to do with their furry best friend:

  1. Going for a walk (46%)
  2. Cuddling them (21%)
  3. Finding new places to explore (10%)
  4. Playing games with them (10%)
  5. Watching TV together (9%)
  6. Eating with them (2%)

Sian Murthy, a freelance dog trainer from Cwmcarn in Wales is the owner of Storm a Natures Menu sponsored dog and has experienced first-hand the impact that owning a dog can have:

“I first adopted four-year-old Collie Cross, Storm, when I was just 15 years old to help with my confidence issues that had caused me great difficulty when growing up. With Storm also suffering from a lack of self-esteem, we instantly connected and formed a very special bond. Storm has taught me so much, allowing me to make new friends and go on some amazing adventures.

“However, with my confidence growing due to Storm, I realised that he also need a friend to help build up his. This is where Ellie came in; a three-year-old Whippet Cross.

“When I adopted Ellie, I didn't realise she was going blind and would eventually need constant care, but Storm stepped in to help. Storm has become Ellie's guide, allowing her to lean on him as they walk and reassuring her whenever needed.

“Seeing the impact that Ellie and Storm have on each other lives, I couldn't help but adapt a third dog with Jetstream being the final addition to my terrific trio. Jetstream's unfortunate start to life made him incredibly fearful, but with a little help form his friends, his confidence is growing.

“Storm, Jetstream and Ellie have not only helped me become the person I am, the fantastic trio have also grown in confidence with the help of one another. I wouldn't be where I am today without them and would most definitely say they are the best of friends and my greatest friends too.”

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager at True Instinct and Natures Menu, said: “This World Friendship Day we wanted to highlight how pets can actually be our best friends, sometimes even more so than humans.

“We weren't surprised that nearly half of the nation class their dog as their best friend ahead of parents, partners, siblings and human friends. Dogs bring lots of pleasure to our lives, plus the fact that they are always happy to see us and are dependable, make them worthy best friends.

“Dogs have been genetically manipulated since we domesticated them thousands of years ago to socialise easily and show friendliness. Unless we show unkindness to them or hostile signs, a dog will attempt to establish a good-matured relationship.

“With the survey revealing that a dog is really a man or woman's best friend, it's important we take great care of them and look after them properly. A nutritional complete diet packed full of goodness, combined with lots of exercise and cuddles will help ensure that they are healthy and happy.”

True Instinct is a super-premium pet food brand from the makers of Natures Menu, the UK's number one and Europe's leading expert in raw and raw inspired pet food. The range for dogs and cats specialises in premium nutrition, is free from grain and gluten, and is only made with natural raw and raw-inspired ingredients including containing premium quality deboned meats and fish balanced with vegetables, high quality botanicals and superfoods, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservative nasties.


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