21 Jul 2017

A new standard for grass and lawn sowing

A new standard for grass and lawn sowing

Green Edge wants to make the world go green. Their revolutionary instant seed technology and approach are easy and cost efficient. There is no laborious preparation or tools required. The seed sticks use 100% natural ingredients and are ideal for repairing damaged grass. The clay coating prevents wind displacement or consumption by insects or bird which helps to ensure successful germination.

How much work is involved?
Simply, spread out the seeds on the area which you which to cover with thick and healthy grass, water and that's it! The classic preparation is not necessary; you do not have to prepare the soil, or cover the treated area after seeding. You only have to make sure that the seeds are getting some water. So if it rains, you don't even have to go out and water to get a beautiful lawn. The seeds won't be carried or swept away because of their shape and substantial weight.

Are GreenEdge's seeds safe for my pets?

GreenEdge's seed sticks are made with 100% natural ingredients. This means that you don't have to coup your pets inside while you are trying to grow your lawn. Pets are free to roam. 

Additionally, traditional seeds are problematic with active animals. The acidity of animal waste can corrode seed pellets which means that there would be no germination at all. The clay-starch coating of GreenEdge's seed sticks, however, germinate in such conditions without any problem. In fact, sometimes, there can even be an added fertilizing effect. 

How do the seed sticks work?
The grass seed corns are embedded in a stick of a clay and starch mixture. The pH-value of the clay-starch ingredients provides optimal conditions for a safe and successful germination. Because of the structure of these seeds, they start early growth with water without soil contact initially. This means that this grass can take root and grow in even difficult terrains.

The sticks overcome significant restrictions of the classic coated seed; the pelleting process ensures that GreenEdge's product is cost efficient, effective and help you avoids stress from unsuccessful seeding.

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