09 Aug 2018

Bringing Luxury To Your Home Garden

Bringing Luxury To Your Home Garden

Many avid gardeners visit Glee Birmingham and want to know how they can recreate or adapt the show displays for their home garden. While the needs of a home garden are different from a professional one, the two share some central tenants of good garden practices that will make a landscape look luxurious. At Glee Birmingham, our garden care show exhibitors are committed to showcasing the finest products for landscape design, many of which can be modified for local and private gardens.

Plants to look for

First, shop around for types of plants that professional gardeners use that will suit the needs of your home garden. Cacti and succulents are especially promising because they can be arranged into a variety of neat, geometric patterns to give your garden a polished look. For those looking to plant with succulents, the first step is to identify your succulent type and then determine how much sunlight it needs for choosing a placement. Next, choose your companion plant: it's a good idea to mix contrasting colours and shapes in perennial flowers to complement the greenery. Yarrow, lavender, and red valerian are all excellent perennials to complement succulents in your home garden.

Tips for edging

If your garden is lacking in precision, a good place to start redesigning the landscape is by changing the edges of your garden. Stones, bricks, and carefully-placed boulders all provide good options for edging materials. For natural edges, use a spade or half-moon edger to redraw the line between grass and soil. Re-edging should always be followed by mulching, which nourishes plants and adds colour contrast to the edges of a flower bed.

Choosing plant placement

When it comes down to selecting plants for placement in your home garden, stick to the “rules of three” for composition. Plant flower beds in a series of three with different colours in each bed. You can also use three types of flooring materials: for instance, floor your garden with grass, sandstone, and gravel to create defined edges. Because perennials generally bloom in one of four phases, it's a good idea to plant a mix of the four blooming seasons so that something in your garden is always blossoming during the warmer months.

Key tasks can turn your garden into a luxury landscape with minimal expenses. Better yet, redefining the edges and look of your garden will provide you with some structure that will benefit your landscape design for years to come.

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