16 Apr 2018

Caterleisure Group, celebrating over 40 years of success

Caterleisure Group, celebrating over 40 years of success



Caterleisure offer:

Tailored Catering Solutions – They have years of experience in providing a wide variety of high quality, tailored and innovative catering solutions. They specialise in creating great food offerings that increase revenue, footfall, spend per head and drives customer loyalty. They attract new customers into your garden centre and encourage additional purchases in all areas of the business.

Caterleisure      Caterleisure

Expertise in Food Procurement – Provenance is king, which gives them a wonderful opportunity to showcase the quality and freshness of local produce to their customers. They set up and manage relationships on a national and local basis whilst driving the growth of business to mutual benefit.


Complete staff Management and Development – They recruit, manage and create an efficient well run team that is fully trained to ensure that the operation remains strong and efficient at all times. They will ensure staff comply with the latest employment, food safety and health & safety legislation.

High Footfall Strategies – Their trading and management expertise allows them to advise on all matters, from initial design through to day to day operations. They know that queue management, speed and delivery of an excellent service together with great retail opportunities can really drive your visitor numbers, no matter what time of day it is.

Caterleisure     Caterleisure

Mouthwatering Seasonal Menus – Whether it's freshly made autumn soups, festive mince pies, after-school pizzas or the very best beer battered fish and chips, they specialise in creating and delivering menus that make the most of each season. Enticing customers in to the café day after day with quality food choices and excellent customer service, they know what works leaving you time to concentrate on developing your core business. 


Expertise in Operational Efficiency – The balance of footfall, food procurement, legislation compliance and the running cost is vital in taking the catering to the next level. They are rigorous in the way that they run operations, making sure that theirs and your business stays strong, today and for the future.

Louise Hodgson, Development Director at Caterleisure Group comments; “We work in close partnership with businesses and form trusting relationships with owners. We care about what we do and the way that we do it, I think that's how we've grown our business over the past 40 years, with a personal and dedicated service.”



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