25 Aug 2017

Comfortable and flower like “BloomHands” and “BubbleHands” gloves by Dyntex Korea Co

Comfortable and flower like “BloomHands” and “BubbleHands” gloves by Dyntex Korea Co

Lovely flowers“BloomHands” and “BubbleHands” gloves by Dyntex Korea Co

Do you know that flowers also communicate with the surrounding environment?
It is said that the flowers recognize the beautiful environments, music, and positive praises.

It has been confirmed in many experiments that the flowers that are grown in these environment are much healthier compare to the flowers that are normally grown.

It's very sad for those who love flowers, that such beautiful and sensitive flowers being touched with industrial gloves.

BloomHands“BloomHands” is the product that is made with the love of flowers, and its perspectives.

Comfortable and flower like colours were specially selected after numerous experiments.

Also, coating materials that will be directly touching our precious flowers are used with new materials that contain zero toxicity. Although, the price is much higher, their passion and love towards the flowers wouldn't allow any toxicity near flowers.

Particularly, Dyntex Korea Co have used advanced transparent materials, to be able to represent a unique colour. If you truly love flowers, just like how they don't just feed anything to your pets, please do not treat our flowers with industrial products.


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