05 Apr 2018

Demographics boost the UK garden Retail Market

Demographics boost the UK garden Retail Market

Around three quarters of UK adults have a garden or allotment, according to the HTA's Garden Market Analysis report. These consumers spend close to £6 billion a year on plants and products for their gardens, making it one of the biggest leisure industries in the UK. So what are some of the trends driving the market?

The consumer pursuit of wellbeing and mindfulness are playing a part in industry growth. Focus groups conducted in recent years have shown that, among older consumers in particular, gardening is seen as a healthy outdoor activity. Its connection with wildlife and nature remains a strong draw for consumers, and is driving strong sales performance in categories such as wild bird care. Recent data from the HTA shows that one in four UK adults purchases wild bird seed in the course of a year.

Like any industry, the UK garden market is profoundly affected by demographics. A challenge for the industry is to attract younger consumers into the market. Compared with previous generations, the current crop of 20 and 30 somethings are far less likely to own their own
homes. Of course this limits willingness to spend on ‘the landlord's garden'. On the other hand, the aging population is driving opportunity and product innovation in labour saving garden tools and equipment. Spending on garden maintenance services is also substantial.

Other innovations in the sector include an increasing focus on catering to leisure shopping occasions. In specialist garden centres, catering and restaurants typically account for around 15% of turnover. These garden centres, Christmas offerings (think Santa's Grottos and a substantial share of the 8 million real Christmas trees sold every year) are also a mainstay. Given all of these factors, the prospects for UK's garden retail market and those supplying it in the coming years look to be strong.



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