20 Jul 2022

From farm to fork

People love going to garden centres not just for the great selection of plants and gardening tools, sometimes it’s all about food. Garden centres are renowned as great places to eat, as they tend to source their products locally.


But what products should you invest in? Considering the rise of record temperatures during the summer and how heatwaves are happening more often, it’s good to purchase foods that can help people staying hydrated.


According to Cecilia Jaarsma, specialist dietitian at the Cromwell Hospital, the top 10 water-rich foods are:

  1. Cucumber, 96% water
  2. Tomatoes, 95% water
  3. Spinach, 93% water
  4. Mushrooms, 92% water
  5. Yellow melon, 91% water
  6. Broccoli, 90% water
  7. Brussel sprouts, 86% water
  8. Oranges, 86% water
  9. Apples, 86% water
  10. Blueberries, 85% water


Some of these can be used for both food and drinks, iced smoothies are particularly popular and a good way of keeping people energised while they walk around the garden centre. This is a great way to boast about how your business is embracing sustainability, as it reduces carbon emissions and supports local farmers.

The quality of the food is higher and it’s more nutritious, that’s why customers keep coming back for more. If you need inspiration to revamp your food and drinks menu, you may want to check out some of our favourite places to eat locally sourced ingredients: Rosebourne in Hampshire and Berkshire, Moss & Moor in Yorkshire and the Camden Garden Café in London.



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