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03 Jul 2018

Garden Connect webinars: Google Analytics and Conversion Optimisation

Garden Connect webinars: Google Analytics and Conversion Optimisation

Garden Connect is hosting two webinars this month: one webinar regarding Google Analytics and another concerning the optimisation of conversion rates in webshops. Garden Connect strives to provide garden centres with the means to get the most out of their website and/or webshop for which several webinars are hosted throughout the year.

‘'We know a lot of centres want to move forward with their online presence, but lack the right knowledge to make this happen. The webinars we host are not very technical but are focused on achieving results in the short term. We want people to be able to take action after the webinar so they can make a next step forward immediately'' explains Edwin Meijer, Marketing Director of Garden Connect.

Webinar Google Analytics

The Google Analytics webinar will concern an explanation of the basics of Google Analytics such as bounce rates, segments and an introduction to the most important reports. This webinar will provide you with useful insights on how to find out what your visitors are doing on your website and how you can use the information given to improve your website.

Webinar Conversion Optimisation

Do you want to get more out of your webshop? During this webinar, Garden Connect will give you a range of tips, tricks and examples to improve your conversion rate. Among others, subjects covered are: discount codes, lightboxes, shopping cart reminders and design tips.  

The webinars will take about 45 minutes and can be joined from any device via a provided online tool. Click here to sign up for one or both of the webinars. Note, the number of spots for the Garden Connect webinars is limited so if you would like to join, be sure to subscribe as soon as possible!

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Garden Connect via


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