26 Oct 2022

Why grow your own is still trendy?

Whilst the plot to plate lifestyle is not a new movement, what is growing is its popularity amongst urban gardeners. According to the Horticultural Trade Association, "35% of British adults say they use their garden or outdoor space (e.g. balcony/window box) to grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables."


Growing your own fruit and vegetables is becoming more and more popular in the UK. There are many reasons why gardeners have embraced grow you own. One factor is to help with the rising costs of living but one shouldn't underestimate the increasing popularity of plant based diets and vegan lifestyles.


YouGov's survey of vegans and vegetarians shows that most of Britain’s vegans are pretty new to the lifestyle, with 63% having started out only in the last five years. Their pursuit to become more eco conscious and consume organic food that is free from chemicals and pesticides, whilst reducing their carbon footprint, is driving them to grow their own produce in ever increasing quantities.


The popularity of planting and growing in a small window bed, or even in raised garden bed on a balcony has meant that these newer gardeners have been able to experiment and learn what really works for them. It would make sense that younger urban gardeners once they have mastered growing veg in a planter would want to develop their skills. 


This is great news for garden centres who can now engage with gardeners, who are growing their own on a regular basis. It's worth communicating with them on what to grow each season and clever product placement and boards to ensure they succeed and grow in confidence. The Royal Horticultural Society also provides great advice about growing your own produce.

In a nut shell, grow your own is here to stay.

Garden centres looking to take advantage of this trend should really consider how they can position themselves as the voice of the expert (which they are), and what events or learning opportunities they could create for younger and older gardeners alike that will build those relationships with customers that will return back to the centre each season.

This could be as simple as events around growing more challenging crops, or even how to start your own balcony grow bed. The evidence is clear and shows that grow your own will be less of a nice to have and will become deeply embedded into house hold routines.



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