17 Apr 2019

GTN secures new Glee Official Media Partnership agreement

GTN secures new Glee Official Media Partnership agreement

GTN's owners, Potting Shed Press, have signed a new agreement with ITE Events to publish the Glee Catalogue and Glee Daily News until 2022 which will mark the 20th year that GTN Team have been the Official Media Partner for Glee.


The agreement will see GTN publishing on behalf of ITE Events the Glee Planner which gets sent to all registered visitors ins advance of the show, the Glee Catalogue that is given away free to all visitors at the event, the Glee Daily News e-mail newsletter which had over 171,000 page views in 2018 and the organising of The Glee New Product Showcase and Awards.


Glee's Event Director, Matthew Mein, said: "We are really pleased to have secured the continued involvement of the GTN Team as our Official Media Partners. Over the years the Glee Catalogue, under GTN's direction, has become one of the definitive guides to the UK gardening market each year and the development of Glee Daily News as an e-mail newsletter has delivered more Glee news to more people than ever before."


Trevor Pfeiffer, Director of Potting Shed Press, added: "Our aim has always been to be the most useful media provider to the UK garden retailing market and the Glee Publications are a key component of that. We look forward to continuing to provide an excellent service to Glee and all of the Glee Exhibitors for the next four years."

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