31 Oct 2018

Halloween Inspirations from Garden Centres Around the World

Halloween Inspirations from Garden Centres Around the World

Halloween Inspirations from Garden Centres Around the World

Customers are looking for fun things to do around Halloween, and we at Glee believe garden centres are best placed to deliver activities for families, and generate public interest through this growing seasonal celebration. The Glee team have scoured the globe for inspirational and commercially minded ideas that could be implemented in your garden centre!

Here are our Top 10 Halloween Inspirational Trends:

Chessington Garden Centre in Surrey will be transporting itself to Transylvania this Halloween. Hosting an array of ticketed events including, the family friend Scary Circus, Spooky Zoo, returning for its 5th year, where each visitor can handle exotic reptiles; a Trick or Treat Maze with undead ends and horrifying surprises, and ghoulish monster meals, from witches hair spaghetti to zombie fingers.

Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands are hosting an array of activities for all ages, from Apple, Pear and Pumpkin foodies weekend, Sunday jazz night, and a Wizard School for young witches and wizards, no previous spell casting is necessary for the 35 minute experience, filled with entertainments, songs, chocolate apple dunking and certificates. 


Coleman's Garden Centre in Northern Ireland Halloween visual merchandising is simply stylish!

St Peters Garden Centre Pear Tree Farm in Norton are hosting a Kids Halloween Cookery morning, with a chance to decorate spooky cupcakes and ghoulish biscuits. This event is so popular it's sold out. They are also hosting a Pampered Ponies ticketed session, where visitor have the chance to groom and decorate the ponies in Halloween style and spooky games! Fun!

Cheapstow Garden Centre are hosting a fang-tastic Halloween Party where children get to experience a spookily themed afternoon tea whilst adults can devour a cup of devilish tomato soup. They will also be decorating their very own pumpkin mask and receive a Halloween activity bag.

Lacock Garden Centre part of Whitehall Garden Centres in Wiltshire are going hocus pocus this Halloween, with Creepy Critters, where visitors can interact with snakes, a bearded dragon lizard, scorpions, bugs and more, and a spooky walk journeying into the unknown, looking out for ghosts, walking through spider webs, and witches casting spells to children's parties to celebrate this pagan festival.

Around the World:

Lowes Garden Centre – USA. We loved this simple yet highly effective Halloween display at Lowes, handmade out of pallets!

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore are hosting a Halloween themed 3K Pumpkin Run and Treasure Hunt Fun Walk where visitors can roam and hunt for mystery objects, props and ghostly characters. https://www.facebook.com/HalloweenbytheBay 

The Australian Botanic Garden are hosting for 2018 a Halloween PlantBank Party. Visitors will have a chance to work with the scientists and become a mad scientist for the day and discover the amazing superpowers that nature has, as well as how gory and grosse they can be. An excellent way to use in-house experts for educational fun!

Chládek Garden Centre in Czech Republic - Halloween is relatively new to the Czech Republic, although they too have a ‘day of the dead' on 2nd November called Dušičky, is celebrated by visiting graveyards and decorating graves of loved ones. Chládek, has a Pumpkin Party every year. Kids can carve pumpkins, and it goes until night time when they turn up the heat as fire dancers perform.

Written by Sindy Cain

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