27 Mar 2020



This is undeniably a unique and uncertain time for us all. A time that has presented, and will continue to present, new and different challenges on a local and a global scale.

However, out of this backdrop of doom and gloom, positivity is emerging; we are now seeing unprecedented acts of kindness as communities band together to support each other. People and businesses are putting their own needs aside to offer their help where it is needed; to the most vulnerable people in our society or simply wherever they can.

It is these acts of kindness that bring hope.

Let's remind ourselves that this period will not last forever. When we look back on this difficult time, we should be reminded that, despite the obstacles, we came together to help one another. We should be reminded that, in a time of social distancing, we talked to each other more. And, we should be reminded that when people needed extra support, it was provided, no questions asked.

We have already seen an outpouring of kindness in communities close to home and around the world. Now, we want to shine a light on this, and use our platforms to facilitate these conversations, offering our support wherever we can and highlighting the work that people are doing to make the lives of others easier during this time of change.

We have been inspired by the kindness within our communities, from fashion and jewellery to home & gift, through to pet & gardening.

Facilitating rich connections is what we at Hyve Group do. Now, we encourage you to share your stories, advice, words of positivity and challenges with our community. We offer our platforms to you, helping to support your business, celebrate your brilliant work and inspire others with your kindness.


Stay safe, stay connected.

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