27 Aug 2018

Malcolm Scott Consultants secures permission for extension at Wentworth Garden Centre

Malcolm Scott Consultants secures permission for extension at Wentworth Garden Centre

Wentworth Garden Centre instructed planning specialists Malcolm Scott Consultants to prepare plans and oversee negotiations with Rotherham Planning Authority to secure permission to build an 898m² extension at their site.

The consent took several months of negotiation between the MSC team and the authority to reach agreement due to the extension being a large development located both within the Green Belt, adjacent to Conservation Area, but also due to it being based within the setting of a Listed Building.

Chris Primett of MSC said: “The key to a successful outcome like this is to be realistic in terms of what development is proposed, whist also continuing to make the business case for such a development in such a highly sensitive area.

 “This permission will have a marked impact on Wentworth Garden Centre, and we were able to prove that such an extension to the centre would not only be in-keeping with the sensitive surroundings, but also within the local interest, providing a much-used asset for visitors and jobs within the area.”

Tony Airey, owner of the centre, said: “The existing Walled Garden Coffee Shop and Restaurant was built about seven years ago. At that time that we thought we might struggle to fill it but experience very quickly dispelled that notion.

 “As with all garden centres, catering tends to drive footfall and Wentworth is no exception. This new project will provide a further 150-plus seats and enable us to add different menus, table service and an improved ambience. Afternoon teas are very important to our operation, and this development will give us all the options we need. 

“MSC was vital to achieving this result in terms of our initial 'shopping list'. Close liaison with the planning authority which has developed over several years with Chris Primett and his colleagues working on our behalf, has definitely helped in achieving our aims.

“As a business, we have always tried to work with rather than against the planning authority and this fostering of good relationships definitely helps when looking at projects in the medium to long term,” he added.

Malcolm Scott Consultants will be available to discuss the full range of services the business offers,  and its success stories at GLEE – visit Chris and the team on stand 19Q60.

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