10 May 2018

NEUDORFF – the experts in natural gardening update bestsellers

NEUDORFF – the experts in natural gardening update bestsellers

12 months on from launching the UK's first fridge-free nematode range, Neudorff returned to Glee 2018 with bold changes to some of its best-selling products.

The company's glyphosate-free, systemic weedkiller range, which includes Fast Acting Weedkiller and Fast Acting & Long Lasting Weedkiller products, has been renamed as WeedFree and the Pyrol Bug & Larvae Killer range will come under the BugFree name.

The updates were made following the hugely successful launch of the company's nematode range in 2017, which includes three varieties; VineWeevilFree, LeatherjacketFree and LawnGrubFree, receiving a new product award and later receiving two GIMA Awards, including the prestigious GIMA Sword of Excellence for VineWeevilFree.

The newly renamed WeedFree and BugFree from Neudorff.

Neudorff sales director, Jude Beharall said: “The feedback to the improved packaging designs for the WeedFree and BugFree ranges has been extremely positive. The updates have also led to a fresh wave of interest in the already best-selling glyphosate-free weedkiller range, not only due to its environmental credentials but also because it is a tried, tested and established option, giving retailers the added confidence that they can provide a glyphosate-free alternative that will give their customers results.

“Improved consumer awareness for ingredients used in weed, feed and control products, combined with new and increased listings for our products means that 2019 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year for Neudorff.”

For more information visit www.neudorff-trade.co.uk or call 0121 767 1821.

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