18 Jan 2023

New dog products to add to your range

By Jennifer Ester, Freelance Writer


The UK spends a whopping £10 billion per year in total on their dogs, with the average owner reportedly spending around £92 in 2021 on their four-legged friends (also expecting to spend around 10% more this year), the Standard reports.

With dog toys, supplies, and accessories only set to become ever-more in demand, it’s essential your range is stocked with the latest, most popular products. From fun toys to cosy bedding and grooming products, there’s plenty of options out there to delight customers and successfully grow your range.

Dog toys

According to Statista, "owning a dog cost an estimated 1,875 British pounds a year in the UK as of January 2022". The KONG Classic Toy is quite popular, it's made of an all-natural, durable, tough rubber and are suitable for dogs that weigh up to 7 kg. These toys can be filled with tasty treats, and used to train or play with dogs. There’s also the Oggles Hermann Dog Toy: a quirky, lightweight toy sure to please any dog, featuring a fun hidden inner squeaker. 

Seating and bedding

Some people may opt to invest in pet-friendly sofas and armchairs that their furry friends can cosy up on without the owners having to worry about dirt, stains, or shedding. In particular, microfiber is a stain resistant seating material that’s a great choice for a pet-friendly sofa, whereas linen, on the other hand, is almost impossible to keep clean.

Alternatively, other owners may instead simply opt for a durable, comfortable, and stain-resistant dog blanket or bed. In this case, the Scruffs Cosy Collection is a popular brand; their grey cosy dog blanket, for example, features a thoughtful two-tone combination of microfiber (faux suede) and soft plush materials.

The faux suede is designed for use during warmer weather, while the soft plush, reversible lining can keep dogs cosy and warm during colder months. It even features a hollow fibre core to ensure excellent cushioning however the blanket’s used. 

Brushes and combs

Regular grooming is essential for keeping dog coats healthy, unmatted, and free from dead hair and dirt. The JW Double Row Undercoat Rake, in particular, is a popular brush to add to your range; it’s suitable for all breeds and all coat types.

This handy tool features a double row of stainless steel round-tipped teeth, which effectively remove dead and shedding hair from the undercoat, while also untangling any slightly matted fur. Alternatively, the Rosewood Slicker brush is another nice choice.

Designed for dogs with medium to long coats, the Slicker brush effectively eliminates loose hair, matting, and tangles, as well as features an ergonomic hand grip for maximum comfort. 

The British public loves buying the best for their dogs on a regular basis. By making sure your range is stocked with the latest popular pieces, you’ll be sure to delight customers, as well as increase sales and your bottom line.  


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