24 Sep 2018

New for this year for Kidicraft are two big brands – Rubik's and Anne Stokes

New for this year for Kidicraft are two big brands – Rubik's and Anne Stokes

New for this year for Kidicraft are two big brands – Rubik's and Anne Stokes. With Kidicraft Super 3D jigsaw puzzles and stationery already a hit with both young and old, Rubik's and Anne Stokes are proving to be extremely popular.


The fun, funky, colourful Rubik's range contains two 500-piece jigsaw puzzles – Neon Splatter and Geeked. Geeked is a lively, bright, moving Super 3D puzzle that shows multiple Rubik's cubes at different angles. Could this be possibly harder to solve than the original cube? To compliment the range, Kidicraft have fantastic Rubik's Super 3D Bookmarks and wacky Super 3D Notebooks in assorted Rubik's designs.

Anne Stokes is renowned for her totally stunning, wonderful fantasy images containing characters from beautiful fairies to fierce dragons. Kidicraft have 4 amazing Super 3D 500-piece puzzles and notebooks by Anne Stokes, entitled: Rock Dragon, Fierce Loyalty, Fire Dragon and Realm of Enchantment. “Realm of Enchantment” is a totally stunning puzzle with an enchanting unicorn and winged fairy in a magical realm. The colours and depth of the image make it really come to life. In contrast “The Fire Dragon” puzzle from Anne's “Age of Dragons” collection shows an awesome dragon breathing fire on a volcanic landscape being circled by other dragons. Energetic and vivid this is a stunning Super 3D puzzle.

Bang on trend for 2018, Kidicraft has launched a set of ferocious Super 3D Dinosaur Selfies. There's the frightening T-Rex Selfie, the fearsome Dino Selfie and the rather colourful and cute Oviraptor Selfie. The puzzles are a 48 piece with matching bookmarks and notebooks. Kidicraft have also added three 150-piece Super 3D Space puzzles and Notebooks to their popular National Geographic range, entitled: Satellite in Space, Space Landscape and Space – Earth and Moon. These awe-inspiring images really give you a stunning view of space.

Kidicraft are a family business who understand their customers' needs. They offer Independents a “Support Package Deal” as well as various visual merchandising options for all their customer including: floor spinner stands, counter spinner stands and panels for wall display.

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