01 Mar 2019

New Year Health & Wellbeing Trends

New Year Health & Wellbeing Trends

The top 7 health and wellbeing trends to translate for your customers in your garden centre

Without fail every January we hear the phrase a New Year, a New You. With a promise of a healthier, fitter, goal orientated you, it's hard not to get sucked in. We at Glee have scoured the biggest health and wellbeing trends of 2019, and put together the top 7 that garden centres can translate to help your customers with their new year's resolutions.

  • The power of elderberries and their anti-inflammatory properties can help combat stubborn spots and boost gut health. In fact, Pinterest has reported a 685% increase in its elderberry search.
  • Farewell plastic and hello eco, zero-waste solutions. With businesses like Waitrose and cafes actively encouraging customers to bring their own cups and straws, and new products like reusable beeswax wraps - a zero-waste alternative to plastic living an increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle will be important in 2019.
  • Skincare and wellness guru Liz Earle say's spend more time outside, and what better fix is there for natural daylight and fresh air to increase your customer's sense of wellbeing and happiness then gardening!
  • Pinterest has seen searches for guidance on going sober increase by 746%, with searches for mocktail recipes up by 746%. This links nicely with Glee's Retail Lab trends of botanic bars and growing your own to creative natural drinks to quench thirsts.
  • With the wellbeing revolution well and truly in full swing, the new hero of the hour is adaptogens. These healing herbs help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate based on its emotional and physical surroundings. As well as a number of cardiovascular and neurological benefits, these magical plants can help modify cortisol levels, and calm minds in times of stress, quieten a racing mind, and can give energy when tired. Some adaptogen products include reishi lattes, mushroom powders and ashwaghanda (Indian ginseng) products, such as tonics, proteins and supplements.
  • With so many celebrities and influencers glamourising their vegan lifestyle online, 2019 seems as though its year to stay. It's likely that more customers will be asking for non-dairy milks (with macadamia and hemp milk set to steal the limelight from almond and oat milks) and vegan proteins.
  • Superfoods are nothing new with millennials and hipsters, for 2019, it's all about superfood powders with matcha, acai, hemp and flax proving popular. Matcha latte anyone?

Written by Sindy Cain

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