09 Aug 2018

Pawfect health for your furry friends

Pawfect health for your furry friends

Fleas can be a big problem all year round. Is your pet scratching? Can you see tiny, dark specks or small insects moving about in your pet's fur? Do you have insect bites? Fleas can be a problem in the most spotless homes and on the cleanest pets and sometimes pets may be infected without showing signs. RSPCA FLEAaway Spot On kills fleas, ticks and lice. Fleas like warmer conditions so peak in spring and autumn (when we turn on the central heating) but are a problem all year round so it's important to use this spot on treatment monthly to protect your pet.   

RSPCA Complete Food Range. The RSPCA pet food is a super premium, complete food for all ages and those who need a lighter diet. It is formulated by RSPCA experts and used in RSPCA animal centres. Keep an eye out for RSPCA grain free, higher welfare dog food; Dogs in RSPCA rehoming centres have responded brilliantly to this new recipe.

RSPCA Shampoos, Puppy, Soothing and Deep Cleaning. RSPCA pet shampoos are gentle on skin, free from enzymes, silicones, parabens, alcohol and DEA. All shampoos carry the Leaping Bunny certification and are produced in the UK.

Don't miss RSPCA Seminar Speech at Pets at Glee, 12:45 Monday 10th Sep

The RSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes thousands of animals each year. Therefore, the RSPCA strongly recommend that prospective pet owners consider adopting from the RSPCA. However, for those who prefer to purchase an animal we want them to do this responsibly. Not only do stores have a legal responsibility under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to care for animals properly, the public want reassurance they have been well cared for.

This talk will cover the five welfare needs and how these can be provided for and met within the pet store environment.

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