14 Jun 2022

How to be successful in a peat-free growing world?

We’re excited to launch our Glee TV with an editorial video hosted by Trevor Pfeiffer, Editor and Director at Garden Trade News. The panel discussion highlights the issues customers are facing regarding peat-free growing and what garden centres are doing and will do in the future to help them.


Dobbies Garden Centres won the award for the Sustainable Garden Product of the Year 2022 at the Chelsea Flower Show with their John Innes peat-free range. Marcus Eyles, Horticultural Director at Dobbies, said they started developing this product in 2018 and for them it was important to come up with a consistency that customers were already familiar with. 


“We're all coming together. We brought our suppliers into this conversation. We've been tardy as an industry to get where we need to get to, but that has increased in momentum really quickly. And I think it's really great for the consumer going forward and really great for the environment.” Marcus Eyles, Horticultural Director, Dobbies


They have been selling only peat-free compost since the beginning of 2022 and people have great confidence in this range.  Adam Wigglesworth, Director at Aylett Nurseries, saw a significant move into peat-free products and 80% of their compost is now peat-free, and the team have also been using it and recommending it to customers.


Aylett Nurseries has developed a peatometer, a device that allows them to tell customers what’s in the compost bag. Roger Crookes, Director at Pughs Garden Centres, has been talking directly to customers about the transition to peat-free.


People are invited to join a forum that allows them to compare notes about how a particular compost is performing with different plants, as it varies from species to species. Information is crucial, and is part of a e-learning platform for Dobbies staff, so that they can advise customers in the best possible way.


This is an opportunity that is embraced above all by keen mature gardeners who want to do better for their grandchildren. Glee will certainly have more sustainable products, that will give retailers a further advantage next year. Watch the video now!




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