31 Aug 2017

The health benefits of Himasal

The health benefits of Himasal

Health Benefits 
Within any office there are numerous electrical devices such as computers, office equipment, telephones, air conditioning, as well as the natural airborne pollens and allergens. Salt lamps can help to support your working spaces by making them feel fresher, with less static, and air that is purer and cleaner than you can achieve with any dehumidifier.

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Salt lamps have been around for hundreds of millions of years and their impact on all environments is well documented. The lamps take in the oxygen in a room by attracting the water vapours and cleaning those vapours of all allergens and all toxins then releasing clean air back into your working space. This can help reduce headaches, static, allergens, dust, and all materials that can lead to stress which potentially can lead to periods of absence. After a few months, the room will feel fresh and more vibrant. Whenever we go to the seaside or stand on a beach we always say the air “feels better”, promoting better sleep and relaxation. The salt in the sea released into the air produces this positive effect. Salt lamps provide a similar function within the working environment. 

An office is shared by many people, giving rise to numerous allergens, toxins and germs exposing each individual to an environment which is outside their control. 

A salt lamp is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure a pleasant working environment for your office based staff.

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