21 Mar 2019

The Recipe: Leading the Market with Everlasting Faux Flowers

The Recipe: Leading the Market with Everlasting Faux Flowers

Everlasting faux flowers, market leading floral design and ongoing continuous support from the best in the industry. Introduced by Hill Interiors, The Recipe strives to develop design led faux flowers of superior quality and bring them directly to you at Glee 2019. You may ask, what is a floral recipe? Evoking a sense of handwritten scripts of floral formulas tried and tested over the years, or put simply, a list of ingredients necessary for an arrangement, a floral recipe is a must have guide for floristry.

The Recipe endeavours to create inspiring floral design reflecting the latest and greatest trends in both the floral and interior worlds. Brand Manager, Sarah Garforth, plays a key role in carefully selecting each stem for its botanical integrity. Backed by a wealth of invaluable knowledge in the industry, Sarah highlights the accessibility of faux flowers as a design led home addition and why they are a necessity in interior spaces:

“How we decorate our homes is a huge reflection of our personality, particularly in this age of visual stimulation, social media and delicious availability. We want a space which not only defines us, but relaxes, inspires and pleases us, whilst simultaneously stating to others ‘this is me'; this is how I want you to think about me. We do this through our colours and fabrics, our furniture and accessories and our flowers add that finishing touch, that final piece of the puzzle that says: yes, I'm ready to receive now.” Sarah Garforth, Floral Brand Manager

With faux flowers having an unmistakable renaissance across the UK, now is the time to get on board. Not only does The Recipe provide products of unsurpassable quality, but the brand itself endeavours to aid you in your quest of floral design by providing a number of services and benefits along the way. These include free elaborate designs and installations of faux flower displays, next day delivery with low minimum orders, exclusivity available upon request, bulk discounts and high levels of stock carried at all times ensuring your flowers reach you fast. The aim of The Recipe is to get customers through your door by providing a “Find Your Nearest Stockist” link across the website and social media, if you're interested in becoming a stockist, please contact 01845 567044 or email sales.enquiries@hill-interiors.com.

Whether your core business is based on faux flowers and greenery, you're an independent shop looking to expand your range or you're immersed in the world of events and weddings, The Recipe is capable of providing faux florals across a range of domestic and commercial interior design platforms. The Recipe is fast becoming the market leader in the UK, with new products launching at Home & Gift 2019 and Glee. If you want to be inspired by an extensive collection of enchanting, high end faux flowers then be sure to visit or get in touch today.

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