06 Aug 2017

The world's first quad fuelled oven!

The world's first quad fuelled oven!

Designed by founder Kristian Tapaninaho, the Uuni (Finnish for oven) range allows outdoor cooks to produce phenomenal homemade pizzas, as well as meat, fish and vegetables, in a matter of minutes.


The innovative ovens are easy to use and sociable, and allow anyone to make great food outdoors.

The brand is also set to launch the much-anticipated Uuni Pro (link UUni Pro to the video) in summer 2017, which will be available alongside Uuni 3, and showcases a versatile design with new innovative features such as quad-fuelled capabilities, enabling the Pro to run off pellets, wood, charcoal and gas. 

Uuni continues to lead and innovate the outdoor cooking landscape with Uuni Pro. It's the world's first quad fuelled oven - it can be run on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or even gas, giving you the ultimate flexibility, choice and of course performance. Use it to cook fantastic roasts, delicious breads, vegetables, fish and large 16" Neapolitan pizzas!

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