22 Feb 2023

Top 5 garden trends on Instagram

There's no doubt that gardening is a popular hobby, 87% of UK households have a garden and the amount spent on gardening products is expected to reach over £6.5 billion by 2025.


Google search about gardening in the UK has reached the same percentage as February 2022 but this tends to go up in March and April, when most people are likely to start a new project in their garden.


Outside spaces can be a sanctuary for engaging with wildlife, entertaining family and friends, giving children a space to play and for growing your own produce.


As an added bonus, gardening is also linked to longer life, proving to be a great form of exercise and good for our mental health.


With many more green-fingered amateur gardeners taking up the past-time, we looked at some of the most popular garden-related accounts on Instagram to uncover a common thread of growing popularity.


So, what are the hottest garden trends?



Just because you're working from a home office, it doesn't mean it can't be both beautiful and functional. You can add as many plants as you wish to make it more inviting. Grown your own is nothing new, but with rising living costs, it's a good idea to start cultivating your own fruit and vegetables, even if you only have a small garden.  Another key trend is definitely the Terrarium, it adds a touch of zen-like calm to your home while also being incredibly stylish.


House plants

@ann_mariepowell / @sandra.urbangarden / @babylonterrariums



As we invest so much in our kitchen/diner areas, it's no surprise that we want maximum impact from our visible garden areas too. To create flow, the garden should feel like an extension of the home. To ensure they work in harmony, choose garden furniture that brings home comfort to the outdoors, you can never have too many cushions and it's important to choose neutral colours, so that the focus is always on your beautiful garden plants. 


Garden furniture

@andysturgeondesign / @chrisbeardshawdesign / @modern_garden_inspiration



If you're a nature lover, there's nothing quite like having the soothing presence of water. If you have a big garden, you can indulge with a statement water feature, but nowadays it's also possible to have a pot-sized one, that still induces some sort of sound therapy and it's easy on the eye. Whatever the size of your garden, a water feature is a powerful element that helps finding balance and can create mesmerising light reflections. 


garden water features

@awbassociates / @bunny.guinness / @angelcollingsgardens



Blooming at number four in the list is statement pots. With many people having a small space to work with, innovators are showing how beautiful they can be. The key to this trend is concentrating on making the pot the centre-piece of the garden. Whether that is by placing it in the middle of a flowerbed or elevating it above the ground, with long flowering plants like geraniums, that can add height and gravitas to a small area, whilst also making it feel more intimate. 


garden pots

@jowillcocks / @laadal.garden / @shopgloriette



Even if you aren't an avid gardener now, it's possible that you've seen violet flowers popping up on your Instagram feed this year. The trendy colour gives an instant wow factor to any garden, specially against a backdrop of dark green. There's something so pure and classic about them. Make sure you incorporate a dark statement backdrop such as bold brick to really make this colour scheme pop. Foliage should vary in shapes and sizes, repeating form before finally adding some eye-catching violet flowers.


Lilac flowers

@acreswildgardendesign / @bethstinygarden / @tweedphotos


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