14 - 16 September 2021
NEC Birmingham UK

News Pawexpo

  • During the lockdown, online retail proved a saving grace but now that shops are back open now seems like the perfect opportunity to examine the pros and cons of each.
  • As demand for sustainability rises, take a look at how the pet industry's going green. 
  • We’ve pulled together a list of some of the top features for pet shops that will keep your customers coming back for more…
  • Pet fashion is putting a whole new meaning in the word catwalk, so we thought we’d take a look into the rising trend...
  • Find out which pet trends will stand the test of time this year and beyond. 
  • How do pets affect their humans’ wellbeing? We find out... 
  • Since we’re spending more time at home, with our furry friends, we thought we’d dedicate a piece to the pets keeping us and our families company during this strange time.
  • #InspiredbyKindness

    27 Mar 2020
    When we look back on this period, we want to be reminded that when times got hard, we came together to help each other.
  • Ever heard of an “interspecies family”? It might not be a word that has a big circulation in the mainstream yet, but it will soon. Especially now that Psychologies Today, has written about them.
  • The more things change, the more they stay the same. Especially when it comes to the obsession we feel with our pets.
  • If food is one of the universal languages of love, then all of the love we’re lavishing on our pets is going straight to their waistlines.
  • Pet trends in the UK

    17 Mar 2020
    Increasingly, pet owners are investigating unique diets for their pets as a way to prevent unhealthy weight gain and prolong life spans.