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10-12 September 2018
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Romeo Sommers – byRomeo

Romeo Sommers – byRomeo

Romeo is an extremely creative character with a refreshing view of (green) trends, his background is in horticulture, flower arranging, marketing and management. He has worked as a florist, a nurseryman, in garden centres, at a wholesaler's, as an importer, buyer and collector, a product developer and a presenter on national TV. 

As a trend watcher and green stylist, he is well aware of the various trends that envelop us. By combining his background and these trends he creates not only splendid, but also commercially interesting applications for, for instance, the green and interior trade. Romeo is able to inspire his public and customers to look beyond the existing product/ market combinations.

Romeo Sommers wants to express his mission. He wants to inspire his business partners and consumers, and urge them to develop new ways to use 'green'. To entice by giving trend lectures, TV appearances and by making inspirational film clips. Arriving at high-profile, commercial concepts together with the green sector is a challenge that he also willingly accepts. Here, authenticity and passion form the basis. Beautiful designs that are unmistakably Romeo's. byRomeo.

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