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DJ Turfcare

08 Sep 2017

Report Record Sales This February

The wet warm winter weather has created ideal conditions for the proliferation of Moss in lawns

David Jenkins, Managing Director of DJ Turfcare reports record sales this February. The main reason seems to be an epidemic of moss caused by the warm wet winter resulting in an early demand for MO Bacter, which feeds the lawn and destroys moss organically. The demand is coming from private individuals and garden centres who are stocking up at the beginning of the season. MO Bacter not only destroys moss but it also has the added benefit of avoiding the need to rake out the dead moss. 

This is because MO Bacter contains unique naturally occurring bacteria, which eats the MO Bacter dead moss. Being organic MO Bacter can be applied at any time and will not scorch if the application is not followed by rain. The fertiliser will simply sit there and wait for moisture before it is activated. 

David Jenkins says that as conditions vary throughout the country it is difficult to tell the public when they should first apply MO Bacter, however as a rough rule of thumb the correct soil temperature has been reached when the grass starts its first flush of growth. Once applied MO Bacter will continue to feed the lawn for 100 days giving a fresh vibrant green for lawn lovers to enjoy.

Further info
DJ Turfcare also distributes the award-winning MO BACTER fertilizer from Viano. It has been featured on BBC TV’s Beechgrove Garden series in Scotland. It is now available in two bag sizes - 20 kilos that will treat 200 square metres and 7.5 kilos that will treat 75 square metres.

Also in the Viano range and available in the UK from DJ Turfcare is RECOVERY the ideal fertiliser for lawns requiring special treatment after a stressful winter, drought or scarification. RECOVERY is also ideal for use before seeding or turfing.

For lawns with a low pH DJ Turfcare distributes Viano’s BIO-LIME that sweetens the soil making it less acidic, which enables the grass plant to take up the nutrients provided. It also contains the bacteria used in MO BACTER, which eats the thatch.  

BIO-Press is a new product from Viano and is ideal for the spot treatment of moss or heavily infected areas. It comes as a concentrate that is diluted 9 parts water to 1 part of concentrate, or as a ready to use when it is supplied with a directional spray head.

D J Turfcare also distributes the BUSHRANGER EDGER. The Bushranger Edger is ideal for Local Authorities and those Landscapers looking after large areas. The Bushranger Edger is ideal for producing razor sharp edges especially up to raised paving because of its drop- down wheel. 

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (a major customer) finds that the Bushranger can cope with the demanding conditions found in War Cemeteries where immaculate conditions and neat edges are imperative.

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To find out more about DJ Turfcare please call the team on 01483 200976 or email




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