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10-12 September 2018

Mon 9:00 - 18:00, Tues 9:00 - 18:00, Wed 9:00 - 16:00

NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK

Glee at Spring Fair FAQs

23 Aug 2017
  1. Why is Glee adding an additional show at Spring Fair?
    Glee at Spring Fair has been introduced for a simple reason – because the audience is already there, ready and willing to do business. Garden centres are already attending Spring Fair, with owner/operators and gift buyers already out in force. Glee’s aim is to encourage other category buyers from across the gardening spectrum to maximise their attendance at Spring Fair.

    Glee at Spring Fair will give retailers the opportunity to see new and best-selling ranges ahead of the spring season. A second addition at this time of year will give retailers an additional destination to refresh their ranges for key retail spikes. Glee in February will also provide garden buyers with the latest concepts and trends for 2018, helping them to direct their buying.
  2. What shape will it take? What content will it have?
    Located in hall 3, Glee at Spring Fair will be a concession that will deliver a selection of some of the best products from some of Glee’s core product sectors. The concession show will retain Glee’s signature boulevard aisle, highly-recognisable branding and will deliver core gardening at its heart.
  3. Who can exhibit?
    Anyone can exhibit, however there are certain categories that will deliver at Glee’s Spring Fair concession show, particularly core gardening product ranges such as garden decorations, certain aspects of pots, statuary and water features, and garden structures, outdoor entertaining, and also garden care where fashion and impulse-buy potential is at its highest.
  4. How much will it cost?
    Pricing depends on size of exhibition space. The Glee team would be happy to discuss individual requirements.
  5. Where will it be located within Spring Fair?
    Glee’s concession will be located within Spring Fair’s Hall 3, located alongside popular product sectors such as Christmas Gifts, Floral and Seasonal Decorations (Hall 2), and Greetings & Gifts (Hall 3).
  6. How will it affect the main show in September?
    Glee at Spring Fair will mark an additional opportunity within the buying year. The hope is that buyers that visit Glee at Spring Fair will also earmark the September show as a must-attend event to see what the exhibition has to offer on a much grander scale.
  7. What has the response been to the recent introduction?
    The response to the recent news that Glee will be opening a concession show at Spring Fair 2018, has been incredibly positive. Garden centre retailers have been telling the Glee team that with shorter ordering patterns the introduction of Glee in February will be a welcome addition to the buying cycle. The second Glee show will provide an opportunity for retailers to revisit their ranges and see what else is new. Taking place at the start of the season, the concession show will enable retailers to fill last minute product gaps, ensuring a full provision for the key sales period ahead.
  8. Who should visit?
    Any retailer who wants to maximise sales of garden products in the year ahead – especially those with a strong design focus – will not want to miss out on visiting Glee at Spring Fair.
  9. How can I book?
    To book your space at Glee’s Spring Fair concession show simply contact the Glee team by calling 020 033 2160.
  10. Where do I go to find out more?
    Visit for all the latest developments regarding the main September show as well as Glee at Spring Fair 2018.


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