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Lawn jobs for April: Feed lawns with organic fertiliser

08 Sep 2017

Who knows what this summer will bring. In the past we have had both drought and flooding, and last year it was cold and dreary in May and June, only to get hot and dry in August.

Whatever the weather a beautiful garden needs a well-presented lawn to set it off. Or you may feel your lawn is for the children to use as their playground, or for adults to use for parties and BBQs. Whatever the demands are for your lawn we all need healthy grass plants to give us green comfort under foot and the secret to healthy grass leaves lies in the grass roots.

MO Bacter provides lawn lovers with green comfort

Healthy grass roots produce denser leaves with a deeper green colour and harder wearing characteristics. That’s where MO Bacter scores. The combination of organic compounds and just the right ‘N.P.K.’ produces strong rooting and destroys moss by secondary action. MO Bacter will not make your lawn go black like other moss killers. It contains a special naturally occurring bacteria, which eats the dead moss so you do not have to rake out. It is also child and pet friendly. So, if your lawn has moss and is looking below par MO Bacter is the best April treatment you can give it. It results in the perfect green comfort.

You may feel that your lawn is in really bad shape after the winter, needing an extra special shot in the arm or that it needs re-seeding or re-turfing. If this is the case, then Recovery is the answer. Recovery contains just the correct ‘N.P.K.’ together with Magnesium and Humifirst, which together invigorates the soil and actively stimulates root growth. This stimulation causes the roots to develop extra hairs, which are the primary means for taking up nourishment. In turn this will transform your lawn, providing strong grass plants with rich colour.  Recovery is also ideal for incorporating in the top 20mm before over seeding or laying fresh turf.



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