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Start construction restaurant by Smiemans Projecten for garden centre Groves

08 Sep 2017

Garden centre Groves finally has the necessary permits for the realisation of the restaurant, Smiemans Projecten can now start planning work preparation.

This garden centre in the south of England will be able to accommodate 310 guests with this restaurant. The HighLight arc greenhouse of 415 m2is divided into a conservatory and a restaurant. There is also a large terrace where 120 guests can take place. Because of the new restaurant customers will have more reasons to spend their time at this well-known garden centre.

Unlike the Netherlands and Germany, almost every well-run garden centre In England has a restaurant or cafe for their customers. It gives the garden centre a different look and makes it a place where people want to stay longer and more frequent which offers sales opportunities. It has been found that during bad weather, a mayor part of the turnover of garden centres has been allocated to the catering industry.


Design Malcolm Scott Consultants

For more information please contact Anett Kertesz - or Natascha Smiemans - 




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