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Triumphal success for “Out of Black Forest!”

08 Sep 2017


The Black Forest road movie “Out of Black Forest” from the German brand manufacturer Wagner has acquired cult status shortly after its premiere. The wacky story about the charismatic performer “Woody” impresses with wealth of ideas, humour and superior artistic quality. 

This was also the opinion of three top-class juries: the GIMA jury declared it finalist of the “2017 GIMA Awards”. In addition, the jury of the German Designer Club honoured the five-minute film with the “DDC Award in Gold 2017”. Finally, the jury of the German Design Council nominates “Out of Black Forest” for the “German Design Award 2018”, the highest German Design distinction. 
The funky story in brief: Woody is a pretty cool guy. Woody is from the Black Forest, and he has a mission: to help. All those who go stooped through life. The reason for the bent-over position of these afflicted people: the have to carry around their heavy potted plants with great effort. Woody makes up his mind: he will change this. 

Then he has a vision … Woody hits the road. Into the forest. To the sawmill. Into the workshop, and finally to the poor stooped. He helps them to achieve not only a new joie de vivre but also to an upright gait again – and makes them aglow with happiness. The reason why: Woody has made an ingenious invention! Which one? Just watch „Out of Black Forest“, and you will know! You can directly view at and on YouTube.

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