21 Jan 2021

All-Purpose Natural Plant Food

Urban Farm It Hall: Hall 06-19 Stand: 19B70

Here we have the magic potion. With an incredible nutritional profile and dilution rate, our natural plant food not only goes a long way but also provides a complete set of nutrients for your plants. Applicable indoor, outdoor and commercially.

A bi-product of the composting process, this is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to classic fertilisers. Not only is it sourced naturally, but in its production energy is actually created and harvested in a green way, reducing our carbon footprint. This process also ensures a high microbial count, meaning that this bio-active formula is key to ensuring a strong healthy root network

Every grower loves to see their plants strong and healthy. This food will help you to take a big step away from nutrient deficiencies and towards fast, chemical free growth


  • Herbs
  • House Plants
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Cut Flowers
  • Young Plants
  • Bulbs & Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Grow Your Own
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