27 May 2021

Biochar Biology Blend

Carbon Gold Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 6F17
  • Biochar Biology Blend
  • Biochar Biology Blend
  • Biochar Biology Blend
Biochar Biology Blend Biochar Biology Blend Biochar Biology Blend

The Professional grower’s best kept secret!

Originally only available to our commercial trade customers, Biochar Biology Blend is our most potent microbiological product formulation ever.

Biochar Biology Blend is formulated as an organic substrate rejuvenator, it brings an intense boost of all the trace minerals and natural biology (fungi and bacteria) your plants will need for the season ahead - which encourages healthy root systems reflected in the quality of the aboveground plants. Ideal for sprinkling into seed drills; or around the roots of young plants as you put them into their growing positions.

Biochar Biology Blend is also a great product to use if you want to simply give a boost to your houseplants or if you are thinking of repotting. Likewise, if you have some existing biochar-based composts and are going to plant back into those pots you can use Biology Blend to rejuvenate for lasting benefits for the year ahead.

Biochar can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil. It improves structure, aeration, water-holding capacity, nutrient retention, and provides a refuge for beneficial microbiology which we add to improve plant health.

All of this combines to deliver increased fertility, improved vitality and root growth which means you will have healthier and more vigorous plants.

Biochar Biology Blend is made from 100% natural ingredients - Approved for organic growing by the Soil Association, although it is widely used by both organic and conventional growers it is also FSC Certified.

It is easy and simple to apply:

When potting Add to compost when potting up plants, or cover roots of existing pots with a handful.

As a top dressing lightly fork into soil surface around plants.

When planting out add to the bottom of the hole before planting, or direct to soil.

Biochar locks carbon into the ground and so reduces CO2 being released into the atmosphere where it is so harmful, so in using biochar products you are not only gaining superb results with your growing, but you are also reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Carbon Gold biochar – Saving the planet one garden at a time!


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