27 May 2021

Biochar Seed Compost

Carbon Gold Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 6F17
  • Biochar Seed Compost
  • Biochar Seed Compost
  • Biochar Seed Compost
Biochar Seed Compost Biochar Seed Compost Biochar Seed Compost

Carbon Gold Biochar Seed Compost is 100% peat and chemical free and is both FSC® certified and Soil Association Approved for organic growing although is commonly used by both organic and conventional growers.

By using Carbon Gold Biochar, you can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil. The complex structure and porosity of biochar helps retain moisture, aid drainage, and improve soil structure, while locking carbon permanently into the soil so it is not only good for your plants but also for your carbon footprint.

Biochar pores provide a perfect environment for beneficial microbes and bacteria to thrive which increases nutrient availability to your plants.

Our biochar is enriched with all the essential minerals, trace elements along with beneficial bacteria and fungi to help boost your plants, encourage strong root development plus vegetable-based nutrients for excellent growth.

Our Biochar Seed Compost will get your seeds off to the strongest start possible. The combination of biochar and organic coconut coir also means that your plants will need much less watering. And when it’s time to plant out or pot on, your transplanted seedlings will “take” quickly in their growing positions – especially if the ground or substrate has been prepared using our Biochar Soil Improver.

Carbon Gold Biochar - Saving the planet one garden at a time!


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