24 Aug 2020


Checker Leather Ltd Hall: Halls 8-20 Stand: 7A70
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Concession Partnerships offer a number of fantastic benefits for retailers.

The obvious benefit is securing stock for the shop floor without eating into valuable budgets. 
Concession stock is available to sell without any invoices being owed. 

Another advantage of hosting a concession in store, is the benefit of introducing new product sectors without the inherent risks faced when venturing into a new sector.

With a Checker Leather Concession, you have the ability to host Rowallan of Scotland product in store at no cost to yourself and no risk. All our Concession stock comes priced and barcoded and all our Concession partners need to do it scan the item through the till and report to us the sales on an agreed time schedule. This can be weekly, 2 weekly or monthly, agreed on a case by case basis. 
Each Concession is assigned an account Manager to install, service & maintain the Concession. 
Another Major advantage of becoming a retail partner with Checker Leather is the knowledge that your store will always have the best selling styles, colours, and trends available. Our Concession managers will work with you to curate a stock selection to best suit your store and clientle. As the products start selling our managers will assess the trends of what styles, colours & ranges are selling fastest, and tailor replenishment stock to maximise sales based on the data provided. 
Our standard Concession stands holds 40 handbags, but uses just 1 sq meter of store space which means, 1sqm of your shop floor can return you a fantastic revenue stream with Zero financial investment. 

We would love the opportunity to discuss with you in more detail how we could work together in a Concession Partnership. Please email and one of our Managers will contact you. 






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